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File 145989445472.jpg - (61.17KB , 640x960 , hajia pic.jpg )
1721 No. 1721 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I am here to testify the goodness of the great spell caster called Dr Zira, for helping me to capture the heart of my man back to me,i was rejected by men no one like to have sex with me.I was so confused and does not know how to go with it, Until one special and glorious day, after reading about wonderful works which Dr Zira has done for many other people, I decided to Contact him and after contacting him, he told me what to do and today i have some many lovers.i want you all on this forum to join me to say a huge thanks to Dr Zira and i will also advice any one in such or similar problems or any kind of problems should also contact him for help, you can

File 145985862214.jpg - (81.98KB , 624x802 , IMG_0006-backpage.jpg )
1719 No. 1719 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hello, Swadi Ka, and Kon'nichi wa! My name is Oon. I am a talented multi-lingual lady who can also speak English, Japanese, and Thai. I can also do many other talented things with my tongue. I'd like very much to show you those things as mature women are much more experienced and know how to take care of a man.

I am available for short-time fun or I can join you for your entire holiday. I have discounted multi-day rates which are very good.

My Stats:
Age: 42 years old
Height: 165 cm - 5 feet, 5 inches
Weight: 54 KG - 119 lbs
Bust: 71 cm - 28 in
Waist: 69 cm - 27 in
Hips: 87 cm - 34 in
Cup Size: B cup - 100% Natural - Real

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 145716736051.jpg - (24.57KB , 300x300 , Nui.jpg )
1713 No. 1713 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Warm welcome to Thailand. My name is Nui. Please allow me to really show you all that Thailand has to offer.

I am a college student so I'm only available between 6:00 pm evening and 6:00 am morning as I have school and studies.

I am a 100% independent escort and part of the cooperative of independent escort friends. Real girls, really independent, really all friends, great service. Hahaha, they told me to say that, but honestly, I don't know them. I've heard about them and wanted to be part of their cooperative so I asked and they said ok. I guess maybe I'll be friends with them after I get to know more about them so then it'll all be true. So far, they seem nice and I like the part about me being able to remain independent, but getting them to help me find clients.

File 145712105656.jpg - (28.57KB , 300x300 , Nidnoi.jpg )
1711 No. 1711 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hello my big strong man! My name is Nidnoi which means "small" or "petite" in Thai as I am a very small lady. If you like small Thai lady then you will surely like me.

I work in real-estate for a friend. Since it's a friend's company, I can take off work anytime I need to meet you for short time fun or join you for your entire holiday.

I look for a man with good heart. I like to laugh and like man that is not too serious.

I like give oil massage with happy ending, but I also like many many other things which I'll show you when we are together.

File 145710727514.jpg - (23.98KB , 226x600 , beebee_chaturbate_com_02.jpg )
1710 No. 1710 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 145690964857.jpg - (93.53KB , 633x957 , IMG_0060-cropped.jpg )
1709 No. 1709 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Looking for a good time from a more mature lady that knows how to take care of a man? Allow me to show you the time of your life.

All my photos are 100% genuine, not Photoshopped, and no professional photographers. I answer all emails quickly so contact me now!

Please see my site for my complete rates, more pictures, and information before contacting me as most questions can be answered at my page.

File 145675471737.jpg - (24.98KB , 302x300 , Ming.jpg )
1707 No. 1707 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
My name is Ming. I am friendly, educated and speak good English.

I am a classy, educated lady and have never worked bar or anything like that. I once owned a bar though but it was a classy bar not the typical beer or girly bar.

A few years ago I started working as a high class escort for upper class business men. I was lucky enough to have one of my clients sponsor me so I stopped seeing clients and spent all my time helping my friends find men via my site which is an escort cooperative I formed with a group of my friends. All the girls are friends of mine, independent, and provide great service. And now, I'm also listed as available!

Please see my site for my complete rates, more pictures, and information before contacting me.

Phone: 098-060-0190 or +66-98-060-0190

File 145665474690.jpg - (112.60KB , 1000x1079 , n_1_4_1000 x 1079.jpg )
1703 No. 1703 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi, my name is Vicky. I am an Asian female (bisexual) independent escort with a real stunning body.
I have white skin, long legs, tight juicy pussy and a luscious butt always available to ass lover.
I offer my services to gentlemen, ladies and couples who wish to enjoy the companionship of a truly beautiful and sexy Asian girl.
I am available for traveling around, for an intimate evening (dinner & after dinner) or just for providing you few hours of erotic fun.
I feel proud to achieve the 100% satisfaction of my clients and I will do my best to fulfill your desires.
I am based in Bangkok and I speak conversational English.

To view photos, services, donations and further details visit my personal website

Kisses, Vicky :-)

File 145658772865.jpg - (86.36KB , 768x1048 , IMG_0072-cropped.jpg )
1702 No. 1702 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
My name is Meena. I am mixed Chinese / Thai. I am a very short, small girl at just 148 cm (4'10") tall and 39 kg (86 lbs). But I usually wear sexy high heels so I’ll be a little taller when we go out together. I have very light skin which is perfect with no marks or tattoos. I have long hair, and big boobs for such a petite girl.

I can speak, read and write English fairly ok, but I am usually a relaxing quiet girl outside the bedroom. Inside the bed things are a bit different! This is my first time doing anything like this so if you want a fresh girl then I hope to meet you if you are a kind gentleman.

I am experienced at giving very happy ending oil massage. I also like sex very much, and sometimes a bit too loud in bed, and can cum many times very easily.

I travel often back and forth between Bangkok and Phuket so I am available in either of those towns or anywhere else in Thailand you'd like to meet.

File 145650047385.jpg - (69.82KB , 714x921 , kea19-blurred.jpg )
1699 No. 1699 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Fun personality, beautiful girl and I like older men. The older the better.

My Stats:

Age: 19 years old
Height: 157 cm - 5 feet, 1 inches
Weight: 43 KG - 95 lbs
Bust: 81 cm - 32 in
Waist: 60 cm - 23 in
Hips: 90 cm - 35 in
Cup Size: A cup - 100% Natural - Real

Shoe Size: 36 Thai
Braces on teeth: yes
Tattoos: None.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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