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File 15409596012.jpg - (64.17KB , 640x960 , 2c0c4c4886cf726c7f3d41fc22186166.jpg )
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File 15409595283.jpg - (41.47KB , 411x640 , d9e0764319a560205d799a4fea036cb5.jpg )
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File 154095949489.jpg - (26.21KB , 220x300 , worship.jpg )
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File 154095942670.jpg - (30.83KB , 200x300 , daniel-bangkok-western-straight-male-escort-for-gi.jpg )
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File 154095937321.jpg - (15.46KB , 200x300 , ffda455748c0ceca71d903967769ac77_gallery.jpg )
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File 15409593236.jpg - (85.53KB , 640x1138 , a6a0cc10177c5ea7654d6bd26ce258ae (1).jpg )
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File 154095927459.jpg - (63.36KB , 640x650 , 55f4684de666e9aa2b8e2f84d05ff566 (1).jpg )
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File 154095923526.jpg - (34.89KB , 600x900 , 00D0D_lTWZfj4lhEF_1200x900.jpg )
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File 154095919098.jpg - (34.89KB , 600x900 , 00D0D_lTWZfj4lhEF_1200x900.jpg )
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File 147031661324.jpg - (182.54KB , 518x773 , Anelise11EU.jpg )
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Being a companion combines everything a refined young lady has to offer: mind, body and soul. Having a real gentleman beside her even the coldest winter wind would be looking like a sweet spring breeze...

Everyone says one is really lucky if having either a big heart or is intelligent above average. I think i have been blessed with both and i am happy to be someone who sees the world in a very special way. Therefore i am here to meet new people who can appreciate and enjoy this.

A real upper class lady, perfectly groomed, highly educated, incredibly intelligent perfect manners having poise and distinction, royal elegant outlook

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