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File 153751401767.jpg - (19.52KB , 366x400 , 7e78617c587ccba73da7fe39786ecf5c--black-saree-red-.jpg )
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File 153751395068.jpg - (98.01KB , 840x740 , 1_(22).jpg )
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<a href="">college call girls in kolkata</a> | <a href="">college call girls in gurgaon</a> | <a href="">college escorts in puri</a> | <a href="">college escorts in bhubaneswar</a> | <a href="">college escorts in cuttack</a>

File 153672034184.jpg - (38.62KB , 582x800 , Baobao2.jpg )
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Happy to provide more photos of me (yes they are 100% real/recent), ask for my site link if you’d like to see a bit more of me. Or I can MMS you one on your mobile if you don’t have an internet phone. Please ask, I have no problem doing this for you if you ask me nicely. ;) Though being in the profession I’m in and valuing my privacy just as much as I’m sure you do, I never provide face shots. If you want to see my very pretty baby girl face, you will need to cum see me in the flesh.Visit shenzhen escort to see more info.

File 153672027428.jpg - (50.04KB , 626x846 , Aimi4.jpg )
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I am a good hearted girl and pride myself on my work and on giving a top notch service to all those I see whether you are a regular or a new guy. My service is always a paid service, nothing more than that, if you do want to return as one of my regulars I just ask that you be respectful around this for me. As far as other things I like, I am a very big fan of giving nat BJ’s (for clean and lovely smelly regulars)/rec DATY and rec rimming, finger play on your arse.Visit to see more info.

File 153672021095.jpg - (11.79KB , 240x300 , Yoyo1.jpg )
310 No. 310 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Natural sex or anal are not for me. PSE FS as well as Mass and Girlfriend Experience are more what I like. I have no interest in being anyone’s “GIRLFRIEND” . The TLC and loving care I provide, I put a lot of extra special effort into for each of you I see. Don’t take it the wrong way if you feel I have gone above and beyond for you as this is my aim and I am happy to do this for you. Visit beijing escort to see more info.

File 153672007265.jpg - (31.91KB , 640x651 , Kimmy1.jpg )
309 No. 309 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
my service is an oucall service only. I prefer to work alone and I am always happy to have you visit me if you are a kind, considerate / nice person like me. Party boys please go see another lady, I am not your type of girl and you won’t enjoy your time with me. I am heterosexual, not into sex with other girls, I don’t share my flat with other girls either (I work for myself) so it will be just me when you visit here. There is ample parking at the shops nearby to me, so when you book, you will need to come to my incall place if you do want to play with me. Visit guangzhou escort to see more info.

File 153671994399.jpg - (79.78KB , 640x853 , Momo3.jpg )
308 No. 308 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Given the right atmosphere, I will cater to all your needs and wants. I am quiet a touchy feely, loving lady who delights nothing more in connecting with new honeys. I promise with me, you will engage in nothing but moments filled with pure unadulterated pleasure. I endeavour to make you live every moment you spend with me as your last. I am that consummate escort (brains and beauty all rolled up in one) a rare black pearl, but that special someone you have always wanted to meet and explore deep desires with. A lady who fully ascertains what it is you need and where it is you are coming from and not scared to take you there either visit to see more info.

File 153671973758.png - (349.08KB , 640x556 , Reberty4.png )
307 No. 307 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I have a naturally innocent character but like all naughty secretaries here in Shanghai, when my boss is away, I am a little kitten that has to play. Come help me play.Visit to see more info.

File 153671870891.jpg - (104.42KB , 800x1153 , 8532cc88de0515f8101755363c087.jpg )
306 No. 306 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I am an intelligent down to earth lady with a personality and wit that shines. Some have described me as a true sweetheart – though be careful, completely addictive and intoxicating. Once you’re treated to my wit and bedroom talk, you’ll see what I mean. Take the time to indulge in me because I am definitely a treat worth savouring in your mouth. Visit to see more details.

File 153164050841.jpg - (109.21KB , 800x1200 , conew_16.jpg )
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Here's the vip shanghai escort and massage center, we have many beautiful ladies whom are high class,all professional escorts, they can give you the best massage and escort services.

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