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*** FAQ *** #

Q. How do I post? How do I use the password?
A. On the board you want to post on, fill out your name, email, the "captcha" code, subject of your post, message, and select the file you want for your posting.

Note: you only need to upload an image for a new post. For replies they are not required but fun if you have an avatar you like to use.

Using the password is completely optional but it allows you to delete your post. (If you choose to use a password please note it somewhere offline.)

After filling everything out, click the Submit button.

To delete a post using your password, click the checkbox next to your post then at the bottom of the screen enter your password and click Delete.

If you don't use a password and make a mistake in your posting, your options are to either reply to your own post mentioning the correction or to post again.

Sorry, we will not edit your posts for you.

If you have any questions please email us.

Q. Why this board?
A. We saw an opportunity. Too many classified sites are too restrictive - No URLS in ads; No phone numbers in ads; blah, blah, blah - and they make it easy for an ad to get banned or flagged. The burden, when flagged or banned, is put on the poster to either re-post or pay up for an unflaggable ad. Hmmm, whose side are the Classifieds owners on? Not much choice considering you can get banned or flagged far faster than you can re-post.

We wanted something more fair for the poster. You want to post your URL? Go ahead. Your phone number? Fine. Someone may comment on your ad but you can comment back. If that person proves themselves a nuisance or an idiot, they get banned. There is flagging for the Admin to review a post but it's not an automatic deletion.

Q. Can't there still be abuse especially since you can post anonymously?
A. Of course but at least your ad won't disappear. Your effort won't be wasted. If an idiot attacks your post, have fun back. How you respond to them says a lot about you. You show class and they show stupidity, you win. Plus we're on your side. We're an Escorts board. Without Escorts we have no boards. We listen to you and if we see such rude behavior by anyone we can take appropriate steps.

Q. My (country / city / state / region) isn't a board? Can I request a board?
A. Definitely! If there's enough interest for a new board, we'll add it. Send your suggestions, comments, and criticisms to EscortsListed

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Q. What's the difference between an Admin, Moderator, and Janitor? How can I become one?
A. The Admin has full power over the board. You can't become one.

A Moderator has less power than the Admin but can still ban or delete users, and work with posts. To become a Moderator you have to be an active Janitor for 3 months.

A Janitor can do only one thing: delete posts. But even here it takes great skill and responsibility. To become a Janitor email us with a good introduction of yourself, why you'd be a good Janitor (and eventual Moderator), and what board(s) you interested in.

Note that you may not be assigned the board(s) you want at first, especially if they're very active boards.

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